These are some of my favorite beaches in Tacoma and I wanted to share them with you! Some of them are secret little finds... Enjoy!

If you want any information about the real estate market around these beautiful beaches, contact me, I'd love to share more with you!

# 1

Sunnyside beach in Steilacoom, Washington-So many different things to do at this unique beach from scuba diving to paddle boarding to picnicking to volleyball!

# 2

Salters Point beach in Steilacoom, a secret beach- a quiet beach suited for reading, resting, walking and sea gazing.

# 3

Day Island beach in Tacoma-A tiny slice of access to a scuba diver's dream of a sea wall to explore; come nose to nose with the Moray Eels and Octopus or sit on smooth pebbles and admire the visible strength and flow of the Puget Sound current.

# 4

Titlow Beach in Tacoma-Expansive, historical, educational and recreational.  This beach bellied up to a park has an experience for everyone.  Old Ferry piers provide homestead for Cormorants and Swallows, seals and seagulls.

# 5

Owen's Beach in Tacoma-Part of the Point Defiance Park exploration, this beach provides year-round, ever-changing landscape looking across at Vashon Island and the entrance to the Port of Tacoma.  Orcas make their way by this beach upon occasion as paddleboarders and fisherman absorb the magic off this beach front. Great to have large picnics and sprawl out along the shoreline, maybe even take a nap on the warmed pebbles in the sun.