Spirit of Tacoma–The 12th Man, Woman & Child

Over the course of time, there have been so many ways the City of Tacoma, University Place and surrounding areas demonstrate their dynamism, great spirit, pride and energy.  One of the most recent demonstrations was in support of our great Seahawks NFL team.  Although the team is called the 'Seattle' Seahawks, the 12th Man lives, breathes and eats in Tacoma, Washington.

During the Super bowl XLIX, I happened to be driving around Tacoma and University Place.  You could almost feel the excitement and tension of this event as you passed by homes blinged out in the 12th Man, 'Re-Pete', Blue & Green.  The other key indicator of Seahawks progress and milestones during the game from the seat of my car were the fireworks bursting on high marking celebratory moments in the game.

What a wonderful place to live where the non-physical seat of emotions and character of the 12th Man truly are a reflection of the brilliance in the community, the definitive character of the area we call TACOMA.  The City is filled with strength, vitality and vigor by virtue of motivation of most loyal fans.  I can't wait to now look forward, yet again, to what the grand Spirit of Tacoma will next bring to our amazing neighborhoods.

Posted on February 6, 2015 at 9:08 pm
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