Pacific Northwest Living One of the Smelliest Reasons to want to live in the Pacific Northwest!   There are reasons and sequence to most everything in life. In the wee hours of this morning, roughly 2:30am, a call from “corporate security failed email attempt notification team” (scammers), awoke me. Shortly after having a private argument about wondering what time zone their automated dialing system must be enjoying, I heard what I […]
Acerage A home at Eagle’s Eye Level-Puyallup sanctuary Once upon a time, there was a place, not well known, where you could pass fields of blue berries, pumpkins, daffodils and tulips just before reaching a winding gravel road to a secret escape.  After reaching the top of the little gravel road, there rests a home on a hill gazing upon the Puyallup Valley […]
Uncategorized Discover Paradise in Puyallup! Bright 4-Bedroom, 2.5-Bath Residence w/Eagle’s View of Puyallup Valley on 4.67 Acres Outdoor bliss awaits on this one-of-a-kind 4.67-acre property in Puyallup. Perched on a hilltop with an eagle’s view of the scenic Puyallup Valley, this lovingly maintained 2,314-square-foot residence is a true delight to spend time at. In addition to this home’s generous layout that includes 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and inviting living spaces, you’ll also […]
Real Estate Gig Harbor Territorial Paradise~4308 NW 88th Ave MLS#1118366 As history tells it, the harbors along the Puget Sound region are rich with tale of discovery, adventure and shelter.  Gig Harbor, was a hidden treasure inner harbor unveiled by explorers May 15, 1841. Lieutenant Charles Wilkes (1798-1877) had led several ships on an expedition around the world. He sent one of his ships, the […]
Home Sales What would it be like to live in a Victorian Seaport in the USA? Many, many, many years ago, there was a safe harbor on the West Coast settled in 1851 and nicknamed the ‘City of Dreams,’ and then Port Townshend (today Port Townsend) by Captain George Vancouver.  For thousands of years before this settlement, Indian Tribes were the sole inhabitants to include;  Chemakum (or Chimacum), Hoh (a group […]
Condominiums The Ansonia, built as homes for the emergent upper class- 219 N Tacoma Ave #B-001                                                        In 1914, Tacoma was focused on; growth, progressive ideals about the importance of health and the associated impacts of readily available distribution and consumption of alcohol, and architecture. 1914 is when railroads began important freight yard development and expansion on the tide flats.  The O.W. Railroad and wagon bridge was built to support […]
Uncategorized What is it like to live & thrive in the Pacific Northwest? As Spring has kissed our cheeks with magnificent bursts of color in Tulips, Magnolia trees, Daffodils and Camelia's, our nasal passages have been tantalized by the robust fragrance of Lilac bloom, Hyacinth bursts and Mock Orange menagerie. To live, breathe, play, work and thrive in the Pacific Northwest is a chosen lifestyle and privilege.  Each […]
Uncategorized A Fort, A Hospital & A Graveyard…..Beautiful Real Estate As a youngster in the Pacific Northwest, I had the unique opportunity to spend many late afternoons and some weekend days playing piano on certain wards for and with patients at Western State Hospital, formerly Fort Steilacoom.  My Mom worked on the wards as a psychiatric social worker and still today, works in that industry […]
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Uncategorized Hidden 4 bedroom Prospect Hill Treasure–Could be Your Slice of History Tucked away in Prospect Hill's narrow sleeve is a 4 bedroom 1 3/4 bath bungalow born in 1919.  As an integral part of the permanent structure, built-in's are found throughout this home from closets to pull-down desk tops.  A claw foot tub adds dimension and charm to the downstairs bath where a peek-a-boo view of […]
Uncategorized What does a Military Reservation converted to a Public Urban Park look like?                                                                                                                    A Military Reservation converted to a Public Urban Park looks precisely like the magnificent Point Defiance Park.  The Park is located on a pure and essential slice of Tacoma, Washington's northwestern slope with the northern most 400 acres of the original 702 acres being preserved old growth forest.  This amazing and […]
Uncategorized Is there a difference between an Appraisal & a Home Inspection? Yes indeed, there are some significant differences between a home appraisal and a home inspection.  The primary differences are based on who the action or activity is directed to serve.  An appraisal, when focused on the purchase or sale of a home, is done the majority of the time as an opinion of home value […]
Uncategorized Forethought & Purposeful Construction–Part of Tacoma, Washington’s History–The Perkins Building In 1869, the Hanson & Ackerman Mill was built in Tacoma, Washington which established Tacoma in the lumber industry.  In 1873, Tacoma was selected as the terminus for the Northern Pacific Railroad and with the increased industrial development, coal mines opened and Tacoma became the major coaling station along the Pacific Coast. The town continued […]
Uncategorized Why on earth would you live in Pierce County? Quality of life has very specific meaning for every individual.  Choosing a home in a particular geographic location is often tied directly to those individual quality of life definitions to include proximity to recreation and environmental jewels.  Pierce County, comprised of Tacoma, Gig Harbor, University Place, and beyond, is uniquely positioned within Washington State to […]
Uncategorized ‘Tu-lip or not Tu-lip,- that is the question Making a decision to relocate to or simply move to a new residence somewhere in the Pacific Northwest is one of the few and far between–YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG- moves to make in life.  As they say in this season of joy and change; you can NEVER get away from death and taxes yet […]
Uncategorized ‘Gardez l’eau’!! History appears to denote that around 3300 BC, on the Isle of Crete, evidence of the first personalized, pedestal bathtub made of pottery was likely the forefather of the classic 19th Century claw foot tub.  The early tubs had to be hand filled and drained as they did not have formal plumbing systems.  Chamber pots […]
Uncategorized What and who is a Frank Lloyd Wright? Photo credit Tim Long Have you ever heard anyone say, 'Hey, that looks like a Frank Lloyd Wright'?  Typically the conversation is centered around architecture and not physical attributes of the person. Frank Lloyd Wright (born with the name of Frank Lincoln Wright in 1867), was a gifted and colorful man of passion, geometry, nature […]
Uncategorized What does Real Estate have to do with a Widow’s Walk? In the 1800's, the East Coast began to see additions to architecture called a Widow's Walk.  Many have thought that a Widow's Walk, railed platforms across the roof tops of houses facing the sea, were a North American version of the Italian cupola or belvedere.  If one digs deep enough, the Widow's Walk can actually […]
Uncategorized People buy their “Why’s” not their “Whats”!   The significant CHOICES that we make in life, when really dissected, come down to the baseline motivation of the "why's."  For instance, 'why' do we want a big kitchen; is it because we like to have the family gather in that space to share in the cooking experience, is it because we entertain a […]
Uncategorized What on earth is K & T? KNOB & TUBE!!!!  Wiring that is; copper conductors, insulated sleeves (if you grew up watching The Beverly Hillbillies, you would sing it like… 'Knob & Tube~ wiring that is; copper conductors, insulated sleeves—…… 'black gold–Texas 'T').  Common to North America between 1880 to the 1940's, Knob & Tube wiring was a standardized way of installing […]
Uncategorized The Miracle of Living in University Place, Washington Good fortune, work and opportunity have exposed me to places in the world from Efate' to Jerusalem, Kuwait to London, Chengdu to Jakarta and beyond.  At sunrise in many of these places, what you may hear is the guttural crank and throats clear of a freight truck or transport bus and quite possibly, air or […]