Uncategorized April 2, 2016

What is it like to live & thrive in the Pacific Northwest?

camiliaAs Spring has kissed our cheeks with magnificent bursts of color in Tulips, Magnolia trees, Daffodils and Camelia's, our nasal passages have been tantalized by the robust fragrance of Lilac bloom, Hyacinth bursts and Mock Orange menagerie.

To live, breathe, play, work and thrive in the Pacific Northwest is a chosen dafflifestyle and privilege.  Each new season has its unparalleled marvels and magic.  Spring in the Northwest is much like that first slice of sweet, deep, juicy watermelon.  Although a bite not taken for an entire year, each arrival brings back a rush as if it were a first experience filled with excitement.

Being born and raised in University Place yet having the good fortune to travel into many different countries and States within the United States with equal, yet different points of beauty, I could not bear the thought of living anywhere else.  As I am sitting here on this early day in the season of Spring, the sun has set after an afternoon unparalleled by any other;  robin's egg blue skies, Puget Sound waters so glassy and reflective one would never know the powerful currents coursing just beneath the emerald jade green filled with micro-organism richness and a sunset that painted the horizon with a watercolor backdrop for the snow capped Olympic Mountains getting ready for a night of rest.

flat water

As the sun has passed the baton to mid-night skies, I can hear the first batch of hardy frogs in Morris Code symphony as they skate across the creek and dance to that echoed symphony.  As the Spring season progresses, that amphibean musical lulls me to sleep as readily as the rock of baby's cradle. Tonight's nightcap was a shooting star that burst through the atmosphere with such vigor, I knew I had to embrace my, 'star-light, star-bright, first star I see tonight, wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.'  deep water

And, this is just the start to one of our Pacific Northwest Seasons, quite amazing.  University Place, Tacoma, Steilacoom, Northeast Tacoma, Lakewood, Gig Harbor and surrounding counties, mirror similar experiential moments in time that are a reflection of the Pacific Northwest way of life.  If you choose to make this your home, whether you live in a Yurt, a Tiny House, a medium sized house or a mansion, it matters not–your quality of life is all around you.  Always remember to look up, take deep breaths and listen for the songs that wrap you.