Real EstateUncategorized June 4, 2017

Gig Harbor Territorial Paradise~4308 NW 88th Ave MLS#1118366

As history tells it, the harbors along the Puget Sound region are rich with tale of discovery, adventure and shelter.  Gig Harbor, was a hidden treasure inner harbor unveiled by explorers May 15, 1841. Lieutenant Charles Wilkes (1798-1877) had led several ships on an expedition around the world. He sent one of his ships, the Porpoise, to probe deep into the southern reaches of Puget Sound on a surveying expedition. Lt. George Sinclair, the ship’s sailing master, dispatched a longboat to check out the shoreline north of Tacoma Narrows. It was later noted that there existed a “pretty little bay that is concealed from the Sound” and which was guarded by a sand spit….now known as Gig Harbor, Washington.

Although fishing continued to be Gig Harbor’s most predominant industry, both logging and farming took seat.  Farming had long been an important industry in the logged-off areas overlooking the harbor where for thousands of years the Native Americans built their homes and sustained their tribal lives through the abundant natural resources of this shoreline. So, from cows to lumber milling to boat building, to fishing, the Gateway to the Peninsula provided the foundation for a way of life and love of trees, peace, and life’s essence that still exist today.

To discover a preserved oasis within the boundaries of such a historic City that one could live upon, thrive within and grow amongst the gentle tree giants and solitude in arms-reach of the City and Harbor proper, is a gift.  This beautiful home of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms on a park-like 2+ acres of land is an escape with ready access to all of life’s amenities and conveniences.  This beautiful home is host to mature trees, unique perennials and fruit trees of great variety.  As you make your way off of the quiet main road through a gated drive, winding towards the main property, it strikes you that you have left all of your modern cares and worries behind and can breathe long and deep as you embrace your new sanctuary.

Depending on the time of the year, the yard and garden will roll into variegated colors of Fall, flowered blooms of Spring and energetic efforts of generations of Mason Bees a buzzing.  With outbuildings, workshops and room for tractors, you will have time to marvel at the peaceful and harmonious sounds of a waterfall, play soccer or volleyball, put-put golf or croquet on the vast sprawl of green before you.

Garlic, tomatoes, raspberries, apples and more provide opportunities for even more discovery and joy.  To live amongst the giants of the forest, to bathe next to the sea as the salt air wafts through your landscape is to have found a home where generation upon generation can understand the true meaning of what it is to live and breathe in the great Pacific Northwest.