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What would it be like to live in a Victorian Seaport in the USA?


Many, many, many years ago, there was a safe harbor on the West Coast settled in 1851 and nicknamed the ‘City of Dreams,’ and then Port Townshend (today Port Townsend) by Captain George Vancouver.  For thousands of years before this settlement, Indian Tribes were the sole inhabitants to include;  Chemakum (or Chimacum), Hoh (a group of the Quileute), Klallam (or Clallam), Quinault and Twana (the Kilcid band – Anglicized: Quilcene).Amy8

As history notes, new diseases brought to this land wrought havoc on the Native tribes killing an estimated 90% of the local tribal populations. With the initial nickname of City of Dreams, the vision was that Port Townshend would become the largest harbor on the West Coast.  Although that piece of the vision never came to fruition, the opportunity to live on the coast where history runs rich, legends are alive and breathtaking views are a part of daily life, is right before you.

There is a magnificent custom home available in Lincoln Beach, Port Townsend, that boasts landscapes of the sea, the aroma of sweet seaweed and seasalt at your doorstep.  This home born in 1979 is 2538 square feet of luxury and warmth.  With 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, there is much space to enjoy yourself or to share with others.  The cedar hot tub just off of the master will allow you to enjoy the twinkle of the stars in the jet black sky’s making wishes and more dreams to come true.


The hand cut stone walls in the spa bath lead you to step out of your watery experience onto heated floors before fixing yourself a spicy beverage or hot cup of cocoa as you read your book or play Monopoly with your family.  Exposed wood beams, a crackling fire and expansive harbor and mountain views will leave you breathless.  This could be YOUR next home in a fine example of a Victorian Seaport right here in the USA.  MLS#940226    5 Lincoln Beach Dr, Port Townsend 98367 amysteele@wre.com

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