Uncategorized March 29, 2015

‘Tu-lip or not Tu-lip,- that is the question

Making a decision to relocate to or simply move to a new residence somewhere in the Pacific Northwest is one of the few and far between–YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG- moves to make in life.  As they say in this season of joy and change; you can NEVER get away from death and taxes yet 'I' believe additionally, you can NEVER go wrong by choosing to live in the Pacific Northwest.

Snug up against the western coastline in Washington State, the average annual rainfall runs anywhere between 19 to 84+ inches.  May seem like a lot yet when you spread that out across the year with good chunks of that rain coming in pockets, it is similar to an increase in house taxes that end up getting spread throughout 12 months of payments—not as bad as it seems.  As world climates continue to change, researchers note that the Pacific Northwest will likely be a little wetter and a lot more inviting (a climate change refuge of sorts) in light of the extreme conditions in so many other parts of the world and the United States.

Having traveled across the globe myself, each country, each state, each nook and crannie hold their own form of beauty and wonder.  Yet, after having all of those different and unique, amazing exposures, there truly is no where else on this earth I would rather live than amongst the beauty and wonder of the Pacific Northwest.

For many of us, with the shy of winter comes rebirth in Spring.  Spring has come to the Pacific Northwest a couple of weeks early this year.  One demarcation of Spring in our wonderland is the burst of Daffodils (Narcissus) and Tulips. If the squirrels have not found our stash of earth warmed, percolating treasures beneath the soil, the soft yet strong rocket shaped spires have now pushed through the dirt reaching towards the sky and sun.  After reaching the proper altitude, these green rockets burst at their tips with fiery yellows, oranges, pinks, purples, ruffles, stripes and cheer.

We are quite fortunate to have the right balance of; mild winters, gradual increase in temperatures, marine air and fertile soil built over centuries of flooding and decomposition of the right minerals and nutrients, and, levels of precipitation to foster an ideal environment for tulips, daffodils and the like to thrive and flourish. One of the local spots that is on par with the world famous bulb paradise of Holland is our very own Skagit Valley. Both Holland and the Skagit Valley have remarkably similar annual rainfall, winter and summer high and low temperatures.

I am hopeful that one day, even if you only visit the Pacific Northwest, you have an opportunity to experience the bursts of Spring that are only the beginning of one of our magnificent seasons and keep with you the marvels of this place I call home. (see this amazing Drone Video of the tulip fields)